Dancehall Artists Tribute Usain Bolt After Loosing Final Race

From one Trelawny yout’ to a next, more life, more prosperity. Manners and respect to the don.”
Bowe to a legend little youth salute the greatest what an amazing and magnificent journey u had bro thank you from a legend to a legend Sir @usainbolt u made our country very loud and proud Kaboooooom?????? Bolt show that you can achieve the impossible, because he has achieved the impossible. #Unstoppable.”
Ding Dong and the Ravers crew also show some respect for the king. “For Usain, we haffi raise the flag to the highest. A post shared by Rodney BOUNTY KILLER Price (@grunggaadzilla) on Aug 5, 2017 at 6:43pm PDT

When there is more to the race than placing first. Big up again Usain, from Ding Dong and the whole Ravers. Wishing you farewell and give thanks again. “Big up Usain Bolt and all his accomplishments,” Charly Black said. Well done, my Lord. Bolt announced from last year that he would be officially retiring from track and field after this year’s World Championship games in London. “Fi ah next Trelawny man, yuh dun know. Yesterday, Usain Bolt took to his SnapChat to announced that this is his first ever bronze medal and he is happy about it. ONE KING BLESS UP @usainbolt #teambeenieman #kingbeenieman #kingofthedancehall #usainbolt
A post shared by King Beenie Man (@beeniemanofficial) on Aug 6, 2017 at 7:06am PDT You did it, and made all of us proud.”
Beenie Man added, “To come into the world and leave a global legacy that can never be ignored, undermined or erased…dat name LEGEND! He also insist that he will be going out as previously planned. Not only on all his accomplishments, but for letting all Jamaicans feel proud to know that we have the fastest human being on Earth. Him give whole heap of inspiration, from country to town to ghetto to garrison. It is good to know that not only in music we have people representing the country. Gatlin won the gold and Coleman took silver. We’re thanking him for putting Jamaica where it is, in his way, in our generation. Big up Usain Bolt again. On Saturday’s 100 meter finals, he was beaten by American sprinters Justin Gatlin and Christian Coleman to win the bronze medal. Artists like Charly Black, Bounty Killer, Beenie Man, Protoje, Ding Dong, Popcaan, Chi Ching Ching and others have paid tribute to the sprint legend. He wanted to retire from last year’s Olympic Games in Rio, but his supporters urged him to do it for another year. The dancehall community is paying tribute to Usain Bolt after the sprint legend lost his final solo race at the World Championship in London last weekend.

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