Cytotoxin – Abysm Nucleus Lyrics

Door shut down
With a grating sound
Group of men surrounded
By complete darkness
In the pale glint of the headlamps
Grey concrete
Structures peel from the twilight
Into the heat
A motionless cloud of dust forms a fatal mist
Endless corridors, countless cables
Power plant vascular system connect a variety of now useless devices, shattered pipes
Passage is blocked
Interior rooms demolished
In spite of the massive preparation
The burden of inability
Descended on them with the first step they did
The whole previous life of the men
Is left before the door lock
Septum between before and now
Dosimeter bawls “Get out of there!”
The sense of duty towards humanity
Leads them to move on
Displays drop out
X-values beyond all
Under the gas mask they can hardly breathe
Men of honor are afraid to stumble
Mask begins to melt
Crawl to proceed
No one would come
For corpse retrieval
Trudge through the radioactive grit
Buried under the sarcophagus
Shattering streams of charged particles
Creating fields with massive neutron activity
Atom for peace
Rest in dust
Atom for peace
Rest in dust
Reactor core and surrounding areas were merged to one
Foundation load exceeded reliable load by far
The whole core energy penetrates to the outside
Everything in the way is getting disintegrated
Undead molten masses which no scientist knows
Never seen by humanity now perceptible in the bodies
Ancient horror settled in the ruin
Reaching with his fiery breath
For the hearts of men

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