CNN learned when the US will send a written response to Russia’s demands

Instead, the White House will name areas in which the US and its allies are ready to “resolve” Russian questions. On January 10, 12 and 13, three rounds of negotiations between Russia and the United States, NATO and the OSCE took place. On January 21, Foreign Ministers of Russia and the United States Sergei Lavrov and Anthony Blinken met in Geneva. According to the source of the agency, the written appeal is unlikely to contain a detailed response to specific requirements. Following the meeting, the United States promised to give a written response to Moscow's demands within a week. The day before, on January 25, Bloomberg reported that the US and the EU were jointly working on the content of Russia's written response to the issue of security guarantees. At the same time, the response will indicate the areas in which the United States intends to work with Russia

The White House may send a written response to the US on Russia's proposed security guarantees within 24 hours. According to CNN, the response will also contain “slightly more detailed” details than the US has publicly stated. Among other things, they contained clauses on the non-expansion of the alliance to the east and on the refusal to accept former Soviet republics, including Ukraine, as members of the alliance. “The Biden administration intends to send a written response to Russia to Moscow’s publicly disclosed concerns, as well as US proposals for further action, as early as Wednesday [difference between Washington and Moscow— 8 hours]»,— The channel said in a statement. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba also said that the US response to Russia's proposals for security guarantees would take into account the position of Ukraine. It is noted that the response will indicate areas in which the United States intends to work with Russia, including arms control, increased transparency, risk reduction, and the deployment of missile systems. The deadline was also confirmed by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. The Russian Foreign Ministry sent draft agreements on security assurances to the United States and NATO in December 2021. “Our position has been taken into account, and the proposals that the United States will send to Russia in parts of Ukraine do not raise our objections,” — the minister noted. Subscribe to RBC Twitter Get news faster than anyone else

Истoчник CNN: White House may send response to Russia on security guarantees within 24 hours According to the channel's sources, the White House will give a written response to Russia's demands within 24 hours. They ended without visible results, but the parties agreed to continue the dialogue. This is reported by CNN, citing sources. In addition, the United States intends to point out to Moscow its actions, which cause concern among NATO allies in Europe.

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