Cities Aviv – For Now & Ltd. Lyrics

(feel like I’m [?])
I don’t wanna be let down
I don’t wanna be boxed in
Hit me on my line one time
Tell me where your heart sinks in
Do you feel the way that I feel
You can never f**k with it, I felt
When I’m around you I just got some issues with myself and I swear
Even when I make it, there’s a piece for you to hear
All wrinkly, got a lot
Chain smoking through my aura black top
In New York I hit the corner black sock
White people tryina’ hit me with some baggage
Trendy niggas tryina’ check me for the image
Fewer see that I was on the line of [?]
Everyday I see marriage of love
You not that open see your vision [?]
That’s quiet
(that’s quiet)
(order [?])
([?] just the visuals)

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