Chatham County Line – Porcelain Doll Lyrics

Hush now my baby – hush my porcelain doll
Your papa has you in his arms and he won’t let you fall
The wind might rock your cradle, the earth itself may shake
But I’ll be here for you if the bough does break
Anything at all – My Porcelain Doll
Look at the little feet – look at the little hands
There is something there that only I can understand
I’m here to protect you and keep you from harm
If you could live your whole life wrapped up in my arms
In a little ball – My Porcelain Doll
Someday you’ll be older – go off on your own
Out into the world and build a brand new home
But I want you to know as the years they pass us by
I’ll be here for you, until the day I die
Anything at all – My Porcelain Doll

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