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G Flip – Not even in Vegas

I’ve spend another 100 in that bar again And now I can’t keep living it up I always say we’re gonna stop pretending [G Flip verse:] I won’t be leaving early even though she’s wanting me to

SonReal – RIDE

Everybody dies All we got is time I don’t ever lie So when I say goodbye I never have to say Sorry for the way I took an L to heart So the very next day [Chorus:]

DMX – Letter to my son (Call your Father)

Call your father. Call your father. [Bridge: Brian King Joseph] Dear father, Should’ve been there when I need it Should’ve been there with the dead Call your son [Chorus: Usher] Yeah, yeah, I let you down Should’ve

Matt Palmer – Used to the dark

You can run, but can’t hide From the light that’s inside If you’re cold in the night Don’t fear. You built a house And padlocked every door For your safety, boy but maybe It’s time to cut

Hilary Duff – Wonderful Christmas Time Lyrics

[Girl:] simply having a wonderful christmas time [Choir:] a wonderful christmas time (wonderful christmas time) a wonderful christmas time (wonderful christmas time) [Hilary:] Mood is right Spirits up we’re here tonight and thats enough Simply having a

Dawn – Who’s In The Strawberry Patch With Sally Lyrics

Had I been true to her, I’d be there now In the strawberry patch with Sally tonight, oh yeah In the strawberry patch with my Sally tonight I just can’t take it, no more, no I can’t

Jonas Blue x Leon – Hear me say

Lyrics of Hear Me Say: All the late-night conversations Way to many hesitations Feel the doubt I feel the doubt Yeah, the memories, I’ve been saving But the good ones, they’re all fading Fading out They’re fading

Filipek – Xany Lyrics

[Intro] Ej, raz, raz, raz, ej, ej [Zwrotka 1] Krzyczałem bo męczył syf W każdym tracku były łzy Pierwszy raz od ośmiu miecha wstaję rano i wiem po co i wiem jak tu dobrze żyć Wszędzie wokół

Bilderbuch – Babylon Lyrics

Yay yay, jo! Sauber, sauber Amen! [Strophe 1] Christus sagt „Komm drink!“ und ich drinke Drink Christus sagt „Let’s dance!“ und ich mach’ den Dance Christus sagt „Relax!“ und ich bin entspannt Christus sagt, ich brauch mehr

Filipek – Liquid Lyrics

[Zwrotka 1: Filipek] Pół mojego życia to jakieś wynaturzenia no i samobójcze zwrotki Jak pytają jak tam życie, mówię że scenariusz pisał Pasikowski Biorę swój popcorn, siadam, oglądam jak te filmy stare Może to przez to w

Cmten – Cynical Lyrics

Oh yeah 'cause I'm an idiot, man Can't keep attention on a thing I'm motivated but for what, damn I'ma go get a gas station hot dog and then throw up for several hours But at least

Munn – Need You To Believe Lyrics

[Intro] By the morning I'll be long gone my love Don't ever think that you weren't enough I'm   sorry   that you're paying   for my mistakes But I need you   to believe I wish

Bilderbuch – Superfunkypartytime Lyrics

Party! Party! Party! Party! Party! Party! Party! Party! Party! Party! Party! Party! Party! Party! Party! Party! Woo! [Verse 2] Bunte Kinder tanzen so steif (so steif) Jumbojets im Kopf, fliegen so weit (woo) Ich hab gebucht, ich

Ufo – All The Strings Lyrics

Sunset lights still dancing on the runway And your playing doesn't feel like touching down At the terminal Are you someone, are you something Have I seen your face before? Long black cars there to shoot you

NBA YoungBoy Alive and Well Despite Rumors Claiming He Died In Jail

The rumor began making the rounds on May 19 and gained traction this week. The rumor has been shut down by law enforcement, who confirmed that the Baton Rouge-based rapper is alive and well. Youngboy is still

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