Calvin Harris – Holiday Lyrics

(can I?)
Touch the sky with you? The whistles, the bells
How ’bout your hair? (phew)
Say the place and we go where you wanna go (where?)
She say Rodeo, I say I’m thinking ’bout Tokyo (Tokyo)
With the top gone, won’t turn to Mysterio (Mysterio)
Singing every word of my song that’s on radio (aye)
I’ma roll one, I know that you don’t smoke (I know)
Sit back, let your mind float
Never give up hope
And if ya got a problem, let me know (let me know)
I try my best to keep you close
The life we in, no boss to match ’em on the ropes (ooh)
If I’m top ten, well, when I gotta be the GOAT (GOAT)
I feel like when I step in (what?)
Gotta make an announcement
But y’all know ‘Cause I could be the man for ya
Baby, are your bills paid? Want to do with you
Let’s make everyday a holiday
What you wanna do? See I could have it done for ya
Looks like I’m the one for ya
I’ll crack the whip and get a little action in here, my dear
But first, relax a bit
The questions and answers are clear
A holiday
What you wanna do? Were those dinner reservations made? LBC, me do, what it do
Question: is your bath water ready for ya? Want to do with you
Smile at you (smile)
I got my eyes on you (eyes)
I wanna climb on you
Can I ride with you? CALVIN HARRISHoliday Lyrics
Look, open your eyes, déjà   vu
In ways I knew my focus remains on you
I’m so true, I love that, ’cause who woulda knew? What about your nails?

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