Big Baby Scumbag – Hammer Time Lyrics

808 Mafia
Chase a check, I don’t chase a bitch, I don’t waste the time
Check the fit, bitches on my dick, told her, “Fall in line”
How the f**k niggas talkin’ down? Nigga, get like me, I’m that type of guy
I’m that nigga settin’ all these waves that you tryna ride
I’m that nigga settin’ all these trends, I don’t even try
I’m that nigga your bitch wanna f**k, and she can’t deny
Think about it, you wanna be like me, put your pride aside
Bitch, I swag, dancin’ on the beat, call it Hammer Time
Took your bitch, look her in the eye, told her that she mine
Tampa Bay, that’s where I reside, say that shit with pride
Out my city I’m the best alive, I can’t even lie
I’m a blessin’, bitch, I testify, I go nationwide
Niggas mad they can’t leave their town, damn, I wonder why
Had a dream I had everything, that I want in life
f**k these rappers, bitch, I’m goin’ hard, call it Hammer Time, bitch I ain’t in the prime
In the club, I ain’t throwin’ dubs, bitch I’m throwin’ dimes
Bad bitch, look like Ricki Lake, damn I think she fine
Prada shades and they on my eye, f**k a 9 to 5
I look good, look me in my eye, I look like a don
Woke bitch, ask me what’s my sign, I said, “Dollar sign”
Bodybag, I be killlin’ shit, like it’s Columbine
4th quarter, bitch, I’m ballin’ hard, you ain’t on my time
Young nigga, know I’m finna shine, I ain’t hard to find
At the top, I be lookin’ down, I be on the grind
Broke hoes, man, they make me sick, I don’t like their kind
I’m in love, they say life a bitch, I’ma make her mine
Tell the truth, you ain’t gettin’ money, bitch, I know you lyin’
Bulletproof, bitch, I’m Superman, I think I can fly
In the game all these niggas fake, all these niggas pie
Talk to God, told him strike me down if I tell a lie
Thank the Lord every day I wake, know he by my side
Free my brother, love him like no other, f**k the other side
When I die, bury me a legend, way before my time
Bitch, I’m hot, lit up like the Sun, look up in the sky
Been to Hell, dipped in gasoline, I done walked through fire
Bitch, I’m back like I’m from the dead, but I’m still alive
Blowin’ up, yeah, it’s ’bout that time, I ain’t even signed
Takin’ trips, yeah I’m overseas, I ain’t even drive
Check my feet, all my bitches fleek, all my bitches fly
Who it be?

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