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Omb Peezy – Talk My Shit Lyrics (feat. Yhung TO)

My love customers know what I’m serving I’m not a barber, but I’ll line you up for a little paper Got a youngin in The Bay who’ll bust your brain for a scraper Just got a banger

Ultimo – La Storia Di Un Uomo Lyrics

[Strofa 1] Ah, ero a un passo dall'essere grande Che poi un passo può esser gigante "Forza, forza" mi dicono quelli che ho accanto Lei, è un fiore che illumina marzo Ho sempre scritto per qualcosa di

Ruby Fields – Climate Lyrics

[Verse 1] Oi, pass us the bug spray, would ya? How's this for a daily start? [Pre-Chorus] Darlin', did you bring the aloe vera? You know my whiteness don't do well in this climate [Chorus] We've driven

Savoy Brown – Ain’t Done Yet Lyrics

The road can be a hard place Many come and go It’s so hard to leave When it’s all you know I ain’t done yet I ain’t done yet I ain’t done yet I ain’t done yet

Boosie Badazz – Mudd Lyrics (feat. Rich Homie Quan & Yung Bleu)

*Boosie Talking* All wrong ain’t wrong when you get it out tha mudd [Chorus] Tha mudd Movin’ packs up out my Granny house Tha mudd Every pack, I’m tryna stretch it out Tha mudd He play wit’

Pilot To Gunner – Bring It Live Lyrics

Made it go, there's no way, to control, we got carried away in crowds, and on floats with ticker-tape, but we forgot all the codes. Electricity–a rope, a kite, a key. We got carried away in crowds,

We Are Messengers – Knock Me Down Lyrics

[Verse 1] They tried to lock me in the darkness, and throw away the key But there’s something   deep   inside me, that   the blind can’t see But I don’t   care what they think,

Mickey Shiloh – That Got Too Deep Lyrics (feat. Matt Martino)

Something new bae   But I’m on my own On my own vibe Making moves…making moves Call me when I’m gone Drinking Henny when i’m all alone I am not alone (You are not alone) when you’re

Kinneret – Spoon Bending! Lyrics

Finally I’ve bent my spoon with my mind It’s about time Measurements and time commitments Both got nothing   on   me All instructions are   unwritten All deductions illegitimate Doesn’t matter what you   call matter

Lil’ Soda Boi – Dream Girl Lyrics (feat. Tommy Ice)

[Verse 1: Tommy Ice] I don't know where the time goes When i'm with you My eyes close I keep my eyes closed When i'm with you cause i'm dreaming You're my dream girl 'cause i'm dreaming

Ultimo – Ovunque Tu Sia Lyrics

È rimasto il tuo profumo in questa casa che ora è triste Sopra il pianoforte ho messo le tue foto già riviste È rimasta la collana che ti avevo regalato Per quella corsa verso il mare sono

Omb Peezy – Lay Down Lyrics

Then I’m gon’ rob him again All of that woofin like you bout that shit Better stop that shit, I’ll pop that bitch Slide through your block, murk a nigga Then I’m out that bitch Look, all

Nasum – Left In A Dream Lyrics

Fooled by your fallaciousness and your ingenuous mind Inflatable thoughts bursting by just one touch Left in a dream with your growing shit Greed, covetousness all that’s in your filthy mind Your corporation, my suffocation Left in

Robbie Basho – Song For The Queen Lyrics

My love walks bye [?] Lillies in her hand And roses in her heart And the silver leaf upon Her shining brow [Purposely Unintelligible] — texture of feeling flow Take care, take care, my love The way

Buju Banton – No More Misty Days Lyrics (feat. Rancid)

Yah, Buju Banton alongside Rancid, yeah Taking a walk along the reggae boulevard Oh yeahh Where the sun always shine Beauty the best you can find People say warm good feelings Come on lets go stop wasting

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