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Xov – Scarface Lyrics

[Verse 1] My sweatshirt says Wutang I'm a saint in a flipped gang Hashish and buffalo shoes Skinheads in bombers   and   boots In Stockholm to   pick fights Train-surfing the blue line Unleash my  

Stoney Larue – Evil Angel Lyrics

That first cheating love, it made you ashamed [Chorus] Evil Angel on my shoulder Boy, you sure do know your stuff First you start ’em with a little Until they just can’t get enough First you start

Azad – MY EYES Lyrics

But it ain’t about how hard ya hit. The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. [Songtext zu „MY EYES“] [Intro: Sylvester Stallone] “Let me tell you

Jack The Smoker – Come Persa Lyrics

Davide Ice] [Ritornello] Ogni successo è come vuoto se Non ha uno scopo quando è senza te Avessi più coraggio ti direi la verità Scorderei l’orgoglio e direi “vieni qua” Ma ogni vittoria è come persa se

Jack The Smoker – Soldi Sporchi Lyrics

Di nuovo io Mega jolla, soldi, vodka, nuovo trio Mangio salamella, mica merda bio E scenero per terra tanto è tutto mio È tutto mio, tutto quanto, e me lo merito Prima avevo precedenti, ora c’ho solo

Style Council – Homebreakers Lyrics

I should be on my way, I should be earning pay I should be all the things that I’m not And I’ve tried on my own, now there’s nothing to keep me at home Like my brother

Iv – Shameless Lyrics

Put my heart in a casket Worry about my status You just come with too much baggage I was serious [?] or nothing Don’t be worrying about who I'm f- You niggas are shameles I hope there

Sidhu Moose Wala – Cut Off Lyrics

Charhdi wares de yaarane lagge c Assin ohde hon jehe deewane lagge c Vehandey vehandey sabb hi viraan ho geyaa Pyaar di jo ditti c saugaat mukk gayi Kujh k dinaa’n di gall baat hoi naa Ohde

Eartha Kitt – Thursday’s Child Lyrics

Monday's child is fair of face And Tuesday's child is full of grace Wednesday's child is full of woe But Thursday's child has far to go Things look mighty black for Thursday's child Trouble docks the track

Lil’ Wayne – In This House Lyrics (feat. Gucci Mane)

Nigga, Santa Claus with no bag Nigga, you a ho-ho-ho ass, nigga [Outro: Lil Wayne & Frank Ski] Boy, you been a ho I remember, ho You ain't foolin' Weezy F, and that's for friend or foe

Stoney Larue – Meet In The Middle Lyrics (feat. Tanya Tucker)

We’ve both been right a few times Both made our mistakes Now we know our tomorrow Is what you give and not what you take We got to meet in the middle If we’re gonna go all

Jack The Smoker – La Mia Lama Lyrics (feat. En?Gma)

Puoi ammazzarmi se mi vedi assieme a Max Gazzè Preferisco stare al locale Mentre tutti ‘sti qua vogliono entrare nei talent Tu provaci e fai una carriera come gli schiavi Al tuo live fra monaci perciò sono

Eric Taylor – Deadwood Lyrics

The good times scratched a laugh from the lungs of a young man In a Deadwood saloon South Dakota afternoon And the old ones by the door with their heads to their chests They told lies about

Skylar Grey – The Devil Made Me Do It Lyrics (feat. B.o.b)

See you at the courthouse tomorrow Gonna be some dark days to follow Gonna tell me what I know, I know f*cking right, I steal, beg and borrow Onomatopoeia my sorrow Click, click, bang, boom, oh There’s

Route 94 – Sad Songs Lyrics (feat. L Devine)

[Verse 1] You left, for a second I forget For a second I can feel again You’re gone, had a dream of moving on But when I woke up I was here again [Pre-Chorus] ‘Cause I can’t

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