Alkaline Questioned By Cops Over Guns In Video

The cops in the cut are also facing disciplinary actions and could be fired from the force. The cops did not get permission from the force to take part in the music video or used state owned equipment. The police vehicle in the music video is also registered to the government and that couple be problematic for the cops involved and the music video producer and director. Sources told Dancehall HipHop that Alkaline and his manager/sister Karina Beckford were both questioned by cops in the presence of their attorney and was later released. “They were cooperative in our investigation and assured us that they will make themselves available in the future if necessary,” police sources told us. The dancehall deejay came under scrutiny from the highest level in the police force last month after releasing a short film for his hit single “After All.” The video features police officers wearing uniforms with a marked police car in the opening scene, and in another scene Alkaline and his crew totting high powered rifles and hand guns. The National Security Minister Robert Montague also chimed in saying that actions will be taken when the investigation is completed. Alkaline was questioned by police officers from the investigative branch of the JCF over guns in his “After All” music video.

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