A$ton Matthews – Night To Remember (feat. Da$H)

Stop Fucking Playing With Me, man
Pull up, hop out, take your bitch, get knocked the fuck out
No type time, I’m on no type time, we on pussy
[Verse 2: Da$H]
Walked in, I looked like the man of the hour
The one with the pistol, the one with the power
Your bitch suckin’ dick cause her nigga a coward
Got paid off it all, from the pills to the powder
Doing business so they hatin’ it
If we want it then we takin’ it
Chalk line, yellow tape and shit
Smut her out, you probably datin’ it
Got the package and I made it flip
He got hit, then we arrangin’ it
Shells in faces, we in enragin’ it
Diamonds dance like a Jamaican bitch
Dirty Whine on the necklace
DUI, I’m ridin’ reckless
Uh, yeah, she on ya line for the textin’
And she in my spot for the sex, nigga
Yeah, So, No
Gang member, flame sender
Bad man, mad man
Red ragging, toe tagging
Rack stackin’, no lackin’, nigga
Keep it bool or else we uppin’ toolies
Clips on clips, it ain’t no fuckin’ movie
Don’t associate with fuckin’ goofies

[Hook: A$ton Matthews x2]
I’m ‘posed to die tonight
I’m ‘posed to die tonight
But it look like a night to remember
But it look like a night to remember [Intro: A$ton]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Hol’ up
Zipper gang shit
Hol’ up
You wanna play rough? (yeah, so x2)
[Hook: A$ton Matthews x2]
I’m ‘posed to die tonight
I’m ‘posed to die tonight
But it look like a night to remember
But it look like a night to remember
[Interlude: Da$H]
You already know who the fuck it is man
You already know who the fuck it be
[Verse 1: A$ton]
Boy, we was raised from them shoulders
Turn you to victims or soldiers
You smell the death ’round the corners
But baby we used to the odors
You better pay what you owe us or you’ll be a gift to the Lords
Ou baby, thugging it costs, summertime, block in the shorts
I’m ‘posed to die tonight, see if they stick to the course
I get the brrrt from the source
I put the lock in her jaws
100’s and 50’s all over them titties, but please baby keep all the locks off my doors
Dropping a 5 in a liter, drop from the top like she Lita
She got the throat of a diva and got a face like Aaliyah
Treat her like I don’t need her, dismissed
Bending corner, wig shopping, ay
Put you on a shirt and get a day
Zipper gang, we pull up, leave a stain
1Up, 2Up, 3Up, beat the case
Youngin’s thirsty, lurking for a name
Close or open casket for the fame
All depending how you wanna play

[Interlude: A$ton Matthews & (Da$H)]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, we need all that (yeah, so)
All that, bitch, you smacked (yeah, so)
Headshot, face shot, neck shot, all that (yeah, so x2)
Flatline, you dig?

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