336 Boyz – Mickey D’s Lyrics

336 BOYZMickey D’s Lyrics
I’m at mickey D’s I need a double cheese I’m at mickey d’s I need a double cheese
Where my fry where my shake where my fry where my shake
[Verse 1:]
I’m at mickey d’s I need a double cheese and can I get me a large drink please
If I don’t get my food girl I might die and can you add on a apple pie
And if I don’t get my food in a hurry can I get a free mcflurry
Amd if I’m walking and my drink spill can I come back and get a free refill
[Verse 2:]
And yeah dey call me luke and yeah I party at the venue Walked in mcdonalds and I looked at the menu
I’m a chubby boy you can call me a large guy can I get a number 2 can I get a large fry
AI’m kinda thirsty can I get a mellow yellow and I want some nuggets like I rode with carmello
I’m kinda big
I’m kinda sick
I need a drink I’m a fat kid
I want a number 7 but I don’t tomato or no lettuce Can I get some extra mayo
Oh dat cost more ah well bump it I just want me a 5 peice mcnugget
And can I get some extra Barbeque sauce
If you psit in my food I’m a bout to get da boss
And get you fired and get me hired and uhhhh I retire
[Verse 3:]
BaBabababa I’m lovin it Micicickey d’s I’m in love with it
I get my plate I think I messed up I get all these frys but I need some ketchup
And you look at me like dawg wats hapinnen
Mhy momma made me walk back in for some napkins
I had to go back for some straws

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