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Gothic Kabbalah (2007)
>>>>>Диск 1<<<<<
1. Der Mitternachtlowe5:38
2. Gothic Kabbalah4:16
3. The Perennial Sophia4:18
4. Wisdom And The Cage4:50
5. Son Of The Staves Of Time5:10
6. Tuna 16134:08
7. Trul4:37
8. Close Up The Streams3:49
>>>>>Диск 2<<<<<
1. The Wand Of Abaris4:37
2. Three Treasures5:12
3. The Path Of Arcady3:53
4. TOF - The Trinity6:17
5. Chain Of Minerva4:42
6. The Falling Stone4:22
7. Adulruna Rediviva12:29
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Paroxysmal Holocaust (1989)
1. Morbid Reality
2. The Return
3. Bells Of Doom
Beyond The Darkest Veils Of Inner Wickedness (1989)
1. Macabre Declension
2. Megalomania
3. Paroxysmal Holocaust
Time Shall Tell (1990)
1. Time Shall Tell4:06
2. Dark Eternity4:19
3. Asphyxiate With Fear4:41
4. A Suburb To Hell5:19
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...Of Darkness (1991)
1. The Return5:14
2. Asphyxiate With Fear4:00
3. Morbid Reality6:05
4. Megalomania(c)4:10
5. A Suburb To Hell4:47
6. Genocidal Raids5:14
7. Time Shall Tell5:07
8. Dark Eternity4:45
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Beyond Sanctorum (1992)
1. Future Consciuosness4:56
2. Pandemonic Outbreak4:18
3. Cthulhu6:06
4. Symphony Of The Dead6:45
5. Beyond Sanctorum2:33
6. Enter The Depths Of Eternal Darkness4:42
7. Illusions Of Life3:18
8. The Way11:03
9. Paths1:58
10.Tyrants Of The Damned3:44
11.Pandemonic Outbreak (bonus)4:13
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Symphony Masses Ho Dragon Ho Megas (1993)
1. Baal Reginon2:10
2. Dark Princess Naamah4:18
3. A Black Rose4:00
4. Symphoni Draconis Inferni2:33
5. Dawn Of The Perishness5:51
6. The Eye Of Eclipse5:01
7. The Ritualdance Of The Yezidis2:08
8. Powerdance3:06
9. Procreation Of Eternity4:05
10.Dracon Ho Megas4:18
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Beauty In Black (1995)
1. Arrival Of The Darkest Queen0:54
2. The Beauty In Black3:13
3. Evocation Of Vovin4:55
4. The Veil Of Golden Spheres2:58
Lepaca Kliffoth (1995)
1. The Wings Of The Hydra3:33
2. Melez4:08
3. Arrival Of The Darkest Queen0:54
4. The Beauty In Black3:13
5. Riders Of Theli2:52
6. Black5:03
7. Darkness Eve5:19
8. Sorrows Of The Moon3:27
9. Let The New Day Begin3:35
10.Lepaca Kliffoth4:27
11.Evocation Of Vovin4:53
12.Enter The Voids (bonus)4:10
13.The Veil Of Golden Spheres (bonus)3:03
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Siren Of The Woods (1996)
1. The siren of the woods (single version)8:09
2. Cults of the shadow (edited version)5:01
3. Babylon5:53
Theli (1996)
1. Preludium1:43
2. To Mega Therion6:35
3. Cults Of The shadow5:14
4. In The Desert Of Set5:29
5. Interludium1:48
6. Nightside Of Edem7:32
7. Opus Eclipse3:41
8. Invocation Of Naamah5:32
9. The Siren Of The Woods9:55
10.Grand Final/Postludium4:05
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A'arab Zaraq Lucid Dreaming (1997)
1. In Remembrance6:28
2. Black Fairy5:56
3. Fly To The Rainbow8:15
4. Children Of The Damned4:31
5. Here Comes The Tears3:22
6. The Gates To A'arab Zaraq Are Open1:25
7. Under Jolly Roger4:36
8. Symphony Of The Dead3:39
9. Enter The Transcendental Sleep4:23
10.The Quiet Desert3:53
11.Down The Qliphotic Tunnel2:53
12.Up To Netzach/Floating Back4:09
13.The Fall Into Eclipse3:45
14.Enter The Transcendental Sleep (edited version)3:51
15.The Quiet Desert (edited version)3:52
16.Down The Qliphotic Tunnel (edited version)2:53
17.Up To Netzach2:54
18.Floating Back0:49
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Eye Of Shiva (1998)
1. Eye Of Shiva (radio edit)4:10
2. Birth Of Venus Illegitima (radio edit)3:56
3. The Rise Of Sodom And Gomorrah (album version)6:47
4. Eye of Shiva (album version)6:17
Vovin (1998)
1. The Rise Of Sodom And Gomorrah6:44
2. Birth Of Venus Illegitima5:14
3. Wine Of Aluqah5:04
4. Clavicula Nox8:49
5. The Wild Hunt3:50
6. Eye Of Shiva6:19
7. Black Sun5:10
8. Draconian Trilogy 
I. The Opening1:27
II. Morning Star3:35
III. Black Diamonds2:59
9.Raven Of Dispersion5:56
10.The King (bonus) 
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Crowning Of Atlantis (1999)
1. The Crowning Of Atlantis4:58
2. Mark Of Cain5:01
3. Clavicula Nox8:51
4. Crazy Nights3:42
5. From The Dionysian Days3:16
6. Thor4:47
7. Seawinds4:23
8. To Mega Therion (live)6:38
9. The Wings Of The Hydra (live)3:21
10.Black Sun (live)5:45
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Deggial (2000)
1. Seven Secrets Of The Sphinx3:34
2. Eternal Return7:09
3. Enter Vril-Ya6:37
4. Ship Of Luna6:28
5. Invincible5:09
6. Deggial5:03
7. Emerald Crown5:28
8. The Flight Of The Lord Of Flies1:22
9. Flesh Of The Gods4:05
10.Via Nocturna Part I,II9:31
11.O Fortuna!3:21
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Secret Of Runes (2001)
1. Ginnungagap (Prologue)6:09
2. Midgard5:03
3. Asgard4:07
4. Jotunheim3:43
5. Schwarzalbenheim (Svartalfheim)5:17
6. Ljusalfheim3:54
7. Muspelheim2:14
8. Nifelheim4:35
9. Vanaheim4:03
11.Secret Of The Runes (Epilogue)5:30
12.Crying Days (bonus)4:31
13.Summernight City (bonus)4:54
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Bells Of Doom (2001)
1. Rock'n'roll Jam1:11
2. Scared To Death (excerpt)2:00
3. Bells Of Doom6:14
4. Macabre Declension7:03
5. Paroxysmal Holocaust4:47
6. Outro0:59
7. Ravaged2:44
8. Black (demo)5:18
9. Melez (demo)4:24
10.Path Of The Psychopath1:55
Live In Midgard (2002)
>>>>>Диск 1<<<<<
1. Ginnungagap6:37
2. Invocation Of Naamah5:22
3. Birth Of Venus Illegitima5:19
4. Enter Vril-Ya7:00
5. Riders Of Theli3:12
6. Symphony Of The Dead3:45
7. A Black Rose2:22
8. The Return2:39
9. Baal Reginon2:20
10. Flesh Of The Gods4:19
11. Seawinds5:01
12. Swarzalbenheim3:39
13. In The Desert Of Set5:39
>>>>>Диск 2<<<<<
14. The Wings Of The Hydra3:25
15. Asgard4:12
16. The Secret Of The Runes4:23
17. The Rise Of Sodom And Gomorrah5:53
18. Summernight City5:10
19. Beauty In Black3:41
20. Seven Secrets Of The Sphinx3:39
21. The Wine Of Aluqah4:53
22. The Raven Of Dispersion6:25
23. To Mega Therion8:30
24. Cults Of The Shadow6:37
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Lemuria (2004)
1. Typhon4:36
2. Uthark Runa4:41
3. Three Ships Of Berik 
I. Calling To Arms And Fighting The Battle3:19
II. Victory!0:44
4. Lemuria4:15
5. Quetzalcoatl3:47
6. The Dreams Of Swedenborg4:58
7. An Arrow From The Sun5:54
8. Abraxas5:21
9. Feuer Overture/Prometheus Entfesselt4:39
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Sirius B (2004)
1. Blood Of Kingu5:45
2. Son Of The Sun5:35
3. The Khlysti Evangelist5:38
4. Dark Venus Persephone4:02
5. Kali Yuga 
Part I3:27
Part II5:48
6. The Wondrous World Of Punt7:19
7. Melek Taus5:31
8. Call Of Dagon4:14
9. Sirius B3:43
10. Voyage Of Gurdjieff (The Fourth Way)5:56
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