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Wish I Had An Angel (2004)
1. Wish I Had An Angel4:08
2. Ghost Love Score (instrumental)10:46
3. Where Were You Last Night3:52
4. Wish I Had An Angel (demo)4:10
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Angels Fall First (Limited Edition) (1997)
1. Astral Romance
2. Angels Fall First
3. The Carpenter
4. Nymphomaniac Fantasia
5. Once Upon A Troubadour
6. A Return To The Sea
7. Lappi (Lapland)
Angels Fall First (1997)
1. Elvenpath4:38
2. Beauty And The Beast6:22
3. The Carpenter5:56
4. Astral Romance5:11
5. Angels Fall First5:34
6. Tutankhamen5:30
7. Nymphomaniac Fantasia4:45
8. Know Why The Nightingale Sings?4:13
9. Lappi (Lapland) 
I. Eramaajarvi2:15
II. Witchdrums1:19
III. This Moment Is Eternity3:12
IV. Etiainen2:34
10. Once Upon A Troubadour (bonus)5:21
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The Carpenter (1997)
1. The Carpenter5:59
2. Red Light In My Eyes pt. II3:54
3. Only Dust Moves7:09
Sacrament Of Wilderness (1998)
1. Sacrament Of Wilderness4:10
2. The Crow And The Warrior4:06
3. Burning Flames' Embrace4:20
Walking In The Air (1999)
1. Walking In The Air (edit version)
2. Nightquest
3. Tutankhamen
Oceanborn (1999)
1. Stargazers4:27
2. Gethsemane5:21
3. Devil&The Deep Dark Ocean4:46
4. Sacrament Of Wilderness4:12
5. Passion And The Opera4:50
6. Swanheart4:44
7. Moondance3:31
8. The Riddler5:16
9. Pharaon Sails To Orion6:27
10. Walking In The Air5:28
11. Nightquest (bonus)4:16
Примечание: В русском издании вместо Nightquest (11-я песня) часто попадается другой бонус - Sleeping Sun
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Sleeping Sun (The Four Ballads Of The Eclipse) (1999)
1. Sleeping Sun
2. Walking In The Air
3. Swanheart
4. Angels Fall First
Deep Silent Complete (2000)
1. Deep Silent Complete
2. Sleepwalker (unreleased)
Wishmaster (2000)
1. She Is My Sin4:46
2. The Kinslayer3:58
3. Come Cover Me4:34
4. Wanderlust4:50
5. Two For Tragedy3:50
6. Wishmaster4:24
7. Bare Grace Misery3:41
8. Crownless4:28
9. Deep Silent Complete3:57
10. Dead Boy's Poem6:47
11. FantasMic8:27
12. Sleepwalker (bonus)2:55
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Wishmastour (2000)
1. Wishmaster4:24
2. Sleepwalker (heavy version)3:07
3. Passion And The Opera (edit)3:35
4. Nightquest4:16
5. A Return To The Sea5:43
6. Once Upon A Troubadour5:21
7. Sleeping Sun4:03
From Wishes To Eternity - Live (2001) - DVD
1. Interview with Tarja7:03
2. The Show01:19:54
3. Videos 
I. The Carpenter5:00
II. Sleeping Sun4:47
III. Kinslayer (live)5:14
IV. Walking In The Air (live)5:08
4. Interview with Tuomas 
5. Photos 
6. Discography 
7. Deleted Scenes 26:36
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Over The Hills And Far Away (2001)
1. Over The Hills And Far Away5:00
2. 10th Man Down5:20
3. Away4:29
4. Astral Romance (remake 2001)5:18
Обзор альбома
Ever Dream (2002)
1. Ever Dream
2. The Phantom Of The Opera
3. The Wayfarer
Bless The Child (2002)
1. Bless The Child (дорожка к клипу)
2. Bless The Child (original version)
3. Lagoon
Century Child (2002)
1. Bless The Child6:12
2. End Of All Hope3:55
3. Dead To The World4:19
4. Ever Dream4:44
5. Slaying The Dreamer4:31
6. Forever Yours 3:50
7. Ocean Soul 4:14
8. Feel For You 3:55
9. The Phantom Of The Opera4:10
10. Beauty Of The Beast 10:23
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End Of Innocence (2003) - DVD
1. The Whole Story02:14:12
2. Music Videos 
I. End Of All Hope3:55
II. Over The Hills And Far Away3:52
3. "4th of July in Norway" live footage28:36
I. Sleeping Sun 
II. WildChild 
III. Beauty And The Beast 
IV. She Is My Sin 
V. Slaying The Dreamer 
4. Summer Breeze 2002 live footage31:24
I. End Of All Hope 
II. Dead To The World 
III. 10th Man Down 
IV. Slaying The Dreamer 
V. Over The Hills And Far Away 
VI. Sleeping Sun 
5. MTV Brasil interview01:47
6. Photos 
7. – Optional – Live At Summer Breeze 2002 (Audio CD)39:11
I. End Of All Hope 
II. Dead To The World 
III. 10th Man Down 
IV. Slaying The Dreamer 
V. Over The Hills And Far Away 
VI. Sleeping Sun 
VII. The Kinslayer 
VIII. Come Cover Me 
Обзор альбома
Nemo (2004)
1. Nemo4:30
2. Planet Hell4:44
3. White Night Fantasy (bonus)4:07
4. Nemo (с оркестром)4:37
5. Live To Tell The Tale (bonus)5:02
Обзор альбома
Once (2004)
1. Dark Chest Of Wonders4:33
2. Wish I Had An Angel4:10
3. Nemo4:41
4. Planet Hell4:43
5. Creek Mary's Blood8:34
6. Siren4:49
7. Dead Gardens4:33
8. Romanticide5:02
9. Ghost Love Score10:04
10. Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan4:03
11. Higher Than Hope5:33
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