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The Gathering Lacuna Coil Theatre Of Tragedy Nightwish Therion
After Forever Within Temptation Vicious Crusade Myriads Pale Forest
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дискография мириад
In Spheres Without Time Demo (1998)
1. Spheres Without Time11:32
2. Seductive Hate8:27
3. The Day Of Wrath7:10
4. Dreams Of Reality7:31
In Spheres Without Time (1999)
1. Fragments Of Hereafter10:20
2. The Day Of Wrath7:14
3. Spheres Without Time11:38
4. Seductive Hate8:26
5. Dreams Of Reality7:35
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Introspection (2002)
1. Enigmatic Colours Of The Night9:33
2. Miserere Mei11:46
3. Inside5:56
4. The Sanctum Of My Soul6:15
5. Portal To The Mind14:58
6. Falling In The Equinox3:58
7. Flickering Thoughts7:56
8. Encapsulated9:13
9. The Ascent4:38
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