Drake Says Lebron James Is One Of His Biggest Inspirations “We’re Brothers”

“When you get to witness that, it’s pretty evident. He often reps for his city on every occasion that he gets including on some of his biggest records. For me, it was different, it was a time marker, because when Vince was poppin’ in the city, we had nightclubs that seemed larger than life.”
Drizzy went on to say that Carter opened up his eyes to a bigger picture for Toronto. The 6 God and King James have been friends for years and during a sit-down between the two stars and Chris Bosh, Drizzy made the revelation. These days Drake is in a league of his own dominating the hip hop charts, selling millions of records globally, and selling out arenas while touring the world. “We all watched greatness,” he said. The rapper even spoke about JAY-Z performing in a parking lot at Caribana festival in Toronto which he said was all Vince Carter’s doing. Drake says Lebron James is not just his brother and friend, but also one of his biggest inspirations. Drake and Lebron have teamed up to co-executive produced a documentary film “The Carter Effect” for Toronto Raptors star Vince Carter. Drake also spoke about Raptors NBA legend Vince Carter effects on the city he calls home. “We’re brothers and friends, but you’re one of the biggest inspirations, period, in life,” the Toronto rapper said in the interview via Uninterrupted.

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