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Лидер Rammstein начал снимать в России автобиографический фильм

Лидeр Rammstein Тилль Линдeмaнн нaчaл снимaть в Рoссии кинофильм o сeбe, пишeт В Сaнкт-Пeтeрбургe музыкaнт приступил к съeмкaм aвтoбиoгрaфичeскoгo фильмa. Нaпoмним, гaстрoльный круг в Рoссии стaртoвaл с выступлeния в Сeвeрнoй стoлицe 4 дeкaбря. Пoзжe Rammstein

Lana Del Rey – Dreams v. Reality Lyrics

At a young age I was intrigued by the sound I was obsessed with the attention of a crowd I was a singer, not a very popular one I spent my time chasing the sun I decided

Cavetown – Boys Will Be Bugs Lyrics

[Verse 3] I’m a dumb teen boy All I wanna do is quit My mum told me that she’s worried And I couldn’t give a shit I have friends who understand me Their names are spider, beetle,

Maggie Rogers – Tim McGraw Lyrics

[Intro] I hope you think of me I hope you think of me I hope you think of me I hope you think of me [Verse 1] He said the way my blue eyes shined Put those

Young Thug – Back Seat Lyrics

(who is next?) My jewelry water like a Swisher, Bowflex (swish) Slip ‘n slide in it (slip), eagles landing (hey) Alka-Seltzer Plus, serve ya granny (serve ya granny nigga) [Verse 2] I put some beanbags under her

Colbie Caillat – Favorite Song (Without Common) Lyrics

Am I coming in on your frequency? I got a story Subject of the plot; you and me And when you’re sleeping, and when you’re waking And when you’re feeling good I’ll be the thing that, you

Justin Bieber – What does XENOGENESIS mean? Lyrics

Better make up your mind What do you mean? Oh baby What do you mean? Said we’re running out of time, what do you mean? Better make up your mind What do you mean? When you don’t

JT Machinima – Adrenaline Junkie Lyrics

in demolition Dr. Do you want some? And the countless rebellions that I have amounted Let me reel you in, I’ll rock you till your body’s shook And once the party starts, mama then it’s off the

Sugarhill Gang – Troy Lyrics

It’s always dark before the dawn [Big Bank Hank] The night is black, the streets are steaming The air is cracked with the sound of screaming Two gangs are out to even the score In the alley

Poppy – Auld Lang Syne Lyrics

[Verse 1] Should auld acquaintance be forgot And never brought to mind? We love you!) [Chorus] For auld lang syne May auld acquaintance be forgot And days of auld lang syne Should auld acquaintance be forgot And

Young Thug – So Good Lyrics

[Sample] [We got London on da track] [Chorus] You make a young nigga feel good You make a young nigga do good You make a young nigga see good You make a young nigga see perfect You

Young Thug – Who Do You Love Lyrics

I’m talking about who do you love Got a lot of this shit on me, hey Got a lot of this shit on me, hey, hey Imma let God judge you, today I believe that’s the only

Davido – Wonder Woman Lyrics

[Pre-Chorus] Shey na you wan go near my bae You no dey fear face oh (fear face oh) When no be say you don kuri Abi you chop craze oh wo wo? [Pre-Chorus] Shey na you wey

Gucci Mane – Father’s Day Lyrics

[Intro] Wop, brr You are the mirror of my— Wop [Verse 1] Rollin’ like a mothafucka, high as a kite Like a hooker in church, I’m sweatin’ like a bitch Lit like a wick, sharp as a

Shoreline Mafia – Moving Work Lyrics

that fifty gon’ bless him for talkin’ ’bout us [Chorus: Ohgeesy] Flippin’ work, sippin’ dirt She gon’ ride, I’m gon’ hit in reverse She been practicin’ and she rehearse And I’m a pussy killer, leave it in

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