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Scarlxrd – SUNDAY AFTERNXXN. Lyrics

[Verse 1] Why you mad? Why you hurt? Overthinking shit non-stop Head down, make it work All this thinking got me on one I’ve been drinking on my own All this liquor got me fucked up I

Lil Baby – Southside Lyrics

I thought you was a real one? Solitary stones in my ear, these the clear ones These diamonds dancin’ too loud in my ear, so I don’t hear them My homie got the stick, I got the

Lil Baby – Never Needed Help Lyrics

[Intro] (Earl on the beat) Yeah, know what I’m sayin’ Know what I’m sayin’, when you create the wave and the vibe You know what I’m sayin’, you is the vibe and the wave You know what

Anne-Marie – Machine Lyrics

[Verse 1] I feel an ache in my body But if only I’d have no bones I know the air isn’t breathable And it’s no good for my lungs I feel an anger inside of me Burns

Ugly God – Leave a Tip Lyrics

[Intro] I’m not going anywhere, Nikko [Verse 1: Ugly God] Ayy, ayy, ayy, I’m flexin’ on my exes New bitch, she too wavy, yuh I’m in Houston, Texas touchin’ on a few ladies, yuh I can’t trust

Lil Baby – My Time Lyrics

[Hook] She all on my drip she just like my my Tell ’em they can step over it’s my time I get what I want and I don’t wait in line Keep poppin’ these precs I done


Probably so (huh) Bring it on (huh) Nigga, we want all the smoke (huh, bitch) [Chorus] Pull up on ’em, smoke ’em like a Optimo You can find me pullin’ hoes at the stop-and-go Coolin’ with ya

Ugly God – Tropics Lyrics

[Intro] Nikko Bunkin in the trap, yuh [Chorus] Ayy, I’m takin’ off like rocket Lay back in the tropics Coolin’ with ya bitch, I make her drip just like a faucet Now that bitch in my lap,

Flume – On Top Lyrics

History favors the bold, dawg Wrote something, make sure my story gets told Make sure our story gets told The night’s forever young, it’s us that gets old [Refrain: T.Shirt] All that I want in this life

Smokepurpp – Muddy Lyrics

Esketit [Hook: Smokepurpp] My cup is soo muddy My cup is soo muddy My cup is soo muddy My cup is soo muddy My cup is soo muddy My cup is soo muddy My cup is soo

Tee Grizzley – 2 Vaults Lyrics

I need two vaults I’m the new Hulk [Chorus: Tee Grizzley] Too much money, I need like two vaults (I need two) Stacks big and green, I call my pockets the new Hulk We don’t pay attention

Бейонесе не удержалась на сцене и упала

Пoклoнники пoддeржaли Бeйoнсe и Сoлaнж бурными aплoдисмeнтaми и крикaми. Бeйoнсe, выступaя нa фeстивaлe   Coachella в Кaлифoрнии, нe удeржaлaсь нa сцeнe и упaлa, пишeт Этo стaлo втoрoe выступлeниe пoпулярнoй пeвицы нa фeстивaлe   Coachella. Бeйoнсe пoпытaлaсь

James TW – Say Love lyrics

Chorus] Just don’t say love, say love, say love, say love, no I’ve heard that word misused a thousand times before I know that we don’t have to dive in ‘Cause we got all of the time

Mike G – Sortie Lyrics

[Verse 1: OG Maco] ’06 broke shit, quarters in my denim then Haven’t seen the field yet, I was still a citizen Piss poor, rich dreams ’07 switched it up Oh what a lick brings I was

Empire Cast – Rock The Party Lyrics

[Intro] Yeah Hakeem, here we go [Verse 1: Yazz] You know what’s up when I pull up, everybody watching All the girls running back, I’m picking through my options Gettting cake like I’m playing Shopkins Green faces

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