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Juice WRLD – Rick And Morty Lyrics

[Verse: Juice WRLD] Yeah, Speakin Of Money I Made It Off Of The Pills Im Faded My Songs On Her Playlist She Love It When She Play It Run Up On Me, That Choppa Gon Hit Him

Dom Kennedy – Locals Only (Video Version) Lyrics

[Intro] Yeah [Verse 1] The very first time I heard Run in them Adidas I never would have thought one day I’d have a fever They used to say, “Nah, Dom, he is not no keeper” And

Kreayshawn – Cool n Dre Lyrics

Girls at my mansion, hop out in the mornin’ and we all still gassin’ Kreayshawn pulled up and she bounced out the [?] You know she ain’t reppin’ Gucci, Louis or Prada Life been a party, my

Zayn – Fingers lyrics

Typo said I loved ya Didn’t mean what I was saying No, I wasn’t playing, just confused Was tryna play it smooth Start spinnin’ in this room In this state, I think I’m too This state, I

Mariah Carey – The Distance lyrics

S-P-I-R-I-T, it’s great to see We got it, the spirit Hey, hey, let’s hear it [Verse 1: Mariah Carey] Ain’t nobody stopping us What we have is dangerous Left they opinions in the dust Said can’t nobody

Marisa Maino – Ever Young lyrics

V1 The heat is turning cold All the beats are sounding old I love it that you hate september The summer goes so fast Feels like nothing ever lasts So give me something to remember PRE How

Joyner Lucas – I Love Lyrics

This ain’t no motherfuckin’ game, why you play with me? [Intro] Yeah, yeah, yeah [Chorus] Get away from me, if I was you, I’d watch what you say to me Snakes all in my bed, wanna lay

Lil B – BasedGod Ish Lyrics

[Intro] Ayy man you already know it’s your boy Lil B We turnt up out here man We got everything worldwide Shout out to the East Coast, we in it [Verse] Fuck my bitch cause you based

Khalid – Saturday Nights Lyrics

[Verse 1] Saturday nights New day, cigarette lungs Swishas make my throat hurt Rolling OCDs on the side for me Got ’em up and let ’em both burn [Pre-Chorus] Family feuds saying Mom’s confused I’m for sure

Khalid – Vertigo Lyrics

(Riding this, riding in this) After the ride Are you living? Putting on my favorite record [Chorus] Are we alive? And breathing was the reason to live Sympathize, who am I to give up? Are we alive?

MØ – Beautiful Wreck Lyrics

[Verse 1] Oh, oh, oh, baby You hold me in your arms like your red guitar Mhm No, no one can blame me For my wicked heart, it was in the cards [Pre-Chorus] But I will be


I don’t wanna slow dance In the dark (in the dark) Dark (in the dark) [Verse 2] When you gotta run Just hear my voice in you Shutting me out Doing so great [Pre-Chorus 2] When I’m

Kane Brown – Good As You lyrics

See the way you’re taking care of your Mama The way you’re taking care of me The way [you leave?] plenty of room, girl You’re what this world should be Tomorrow, tonight, the rest of my life

Rachel Platten – You Belong lyrics

You packed up to move in, we’re painting your room I can’t believe I’ll be holding you soon Safe in my arms when you finally come You belong, you belong You belong, you belong That was the

Khalid – Motion lyrics

You’d rather speak more than listen And that’s based off our first impression I’m gonna hide this affection But I’m going in the right direction Floating through different dimensions The ladders and stairs haven’t changed Honey, I

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