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Russ – Alone

[Intro] Yeah I been thinking Yeah Ooh, na na na na na na Yeah [Hook/Chorus] Lately I been feeling like I’m all alone Hotels and airplanes is what I call home I might need somebody, I don’t

Rita Ora – Proud

[Verse 1] Roomie, feelin’ so free Scream it from the top of your lungs, lungs They acceptin’, it’s blessin’ It feels so right can never be wrong, wrong, oh [?] and now you found your freedom Don’t

Paul Wall – World Series Grillz (feat. Lil Keke & Z-Ro)

[Intro] Let’s go, we’re going to the World Series We got World Series grills baby World Series grills, World Series grills, World Series grills, World Series grills [Chorus: Paul Wall] World Series grills (grills) World Series grills

VERITE – Saint

[Verse 1] Maybe you’re too innocent And I’m a crack in your glass Watch me run down Under your fingers Maybe I’m indifferent, shut down Oh, you know me all too well All too well [Pre-Chorus] ‘Cause

Troye Sivan – The Good Side

[Verse 1] I got the good side of things Left you with both of the rings My fingers danced and swayed in the breeze The change in the wind took you down to your knees I got

Loren Allred – Never Enough (From “The Greatest Showman”) (Lyric Video)

Take my hand Will you share this with me? ‘Cause darling without you [Chorus: Jenny Lind] All the shine of a thousand spotlights All the stars we steal from the nightsky Will never be enough Never be

SDJM & Conor Maynard – That Way

Your one desire When I say, I want it that way But we are two worlds apart Can’t reach to your heart When you say That I want it that way Tell me why Ain’t nothin’ but

Tech N9ne – Don’t Nobody Want None

I’ll sting ya Boo you, screw you too Fool, you through This how we do at the ‘ZZou Mizzou-zzou-zzou-zzou-zzou ‘Zzou-zzou-zzou ‘Zzou-zzou-zzou-Zzou-zzou-zzou-zzou [Hook] Don’t nobody want none (Don’t nobody want none) Don’t nobody want none (Don’t nobody want

French Montana – Famous

[Verse 1] I hope no one discovers you Hope no one sees her I hope no one falls in love with you I’ve got my reasons ‘Cause if they knew what I know then I know I

Jorja Smith – Let Me Down (feat. Stormzy)

Some kind of hold over me [Chorus 3: Jorja Smith & Stormzy] I’ve got you to let me down I’ve got you, you’ve got me, I’ve got you But I’ve got you to let me down If

U2 – Get Out Of Your Own Way

[Chorus: Bono] Get out of your own way, hey, hey Get out of your own way, hey, hey [Verse 1: Bono] Love hurts Now you’re the girl who’s left with no words Your heart’s a balloon, but

Nipsey Hussle – Last Time That I Checc’d (feat. YG)

Aye Nip, I remember all that game you taught me Don’t fuck around and get played by these label owners Talk that shit to these niggas, Adrien Broner But secure the win though, don’t let that game

Justin Timberlake – Supplies

[Refrain] Ain’t no need of stopping, girl Yeah, there ain’t no need of stopping, girl Yeah, okay [Verse 1] Met you out on Broadway on the hottest night in town We arrived solo but we were being

Remy Ma – Melanin Magic (Pretty Brown) Lyrics

[Intro] Pretty brown eyes You know! [Verse 1: Remy Ma] I got that up north glow, body lookin’ like cinnamon I’m runnin’ shit right now, I think I pulled a ligament Fashion killa, Alaïa assassin Vetements villain,

2 Chainz – Role Model Lyrics

Talk to em, Tit! [Intro: DJ Teknikz & 2 Chainz] See, we stacked down ’til we came up And the same niggas we used to look up to Now break bread with a nigga Haha, Teknikz the

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