Эд Ширан приедет с концертом в Россию

С 27 сeнтября билeты нa кoнцeрт Эдa Ширaнa пoступят в прoдaжу. кoпий. Пoп-музыкaнт приeдeт в рoссийскую стoлицу в рaмкax мирoвoгo турнe. Oтмeчaeтся, чтo   билeты будут имeнными, пoэтoму всeм пoклoнникaм бритaнскoй звeзды нeoбxoдимo настать нa кoнцeрт с

Kesha – Here Comes The Change lyrics

That if I had a child I hope they live to see the day That everyone’s equal Oh it’s hard I know it’s hard To be the right inside the wrong Hold on tight we’ll be alright

Tyga – Swap Meet lyrics

My bitches love me, yeah My bitches love me, yeah (yeah) They give me loyalty I throw ’em money, yeah (uh) I get my bread up (ah) I got my bread up (yeah) I put my mack

Johnny Orlando – To Last Summer… Lyrics

[Verse 1] Thinking ’bout the things that you said to me last summer Thinking ’bout the memories, last summer Last summer All I’m trying to do, is to get a little rewind Go back to the first

Moneybagg Yo – Pyscho Mode Lyrics

[Intro] Aye, I’m in pyscho mode(pyscho mode) Uh, I’m a crazy head Yeah, hey [Chorus] Stop actin’ gangster on the gram(stop) My street credit authentic caps lock, yours spam(paper) Full of lean at interscope wit’ ruffles in

Soulja Boy – Front Door Back Door Lyrics

[Verse] Young Draco nigga, you know I’m real nigga I slide in that Bentley, they think I’m drug dealer Jump out the top and my young nigga flip the switch Quarter million in one day just to

Imagine Dragons – Zero Lyrics

[Verse 1] I find it hard to say the things I want to say the most Find a little bit of steady as I get close Find a balance in the middle of the chaos Send me

MØ – Imaginary Friend Lyrics

[Chorus] Just watch me, watch me, watch me with your hands (watch me, watch me, watch me with your hands) Let my body, body, body be your breath (body, body, body be your breath) I’ll be your

MARKED FOR DELETION – Feels Right Lyrics

[Intro] Don’t know what I’m doing but it feels right Feels right, feels right Don’t know what I’m doing but it feels right Feels right, feels right Tell ’em keep it going ’cause it feels nice Feels

Noah Cyrus – Punches Lyrics

[Verse 1] Honey, it’s like my words burned out I’m trying to put it out I’m trying but don’t know how Honey, I’m drowning in all my doubt I’m trying to start again, I’ve tried but I’m


Make a little circle right before you fall apart Too good to be true I lay down with cautions like the way you fold your arms Too good to be true Take a little piece of this

Charli XCX – Focus (Yaeji Remix) Lyrics

[Intro: Yaeji] Focus on my love Focus on my love Focus on my love Focus on my love, yeah [Chorus: Charli XCX, Yaeji & Both] I just want you to focus on my love Just focus on

Jeremy Zucker – ​thinking 2 much Lyrics

[Verse 1] I was unimportant You were just a friend No one even noticed We were just pretend [Chorus] But oh god, this sucks Always, you’re thinking too much Baby, slow down, realize There’s more here for


[Intro: A] Ey, ey, ey [Hook: A] Back at it, I’m so back at it All those lames will never blur my lane again Pathetic, yo, was pathetic No more shame, no, I feel like the man

AJR – Role Models Lyrics

West [Chorus] Cause, all my role models are on TV for the wrong reasons (Ah, Ahhhhhh, Ah, Ahhhhhh.) And, I will unravel if you rip away my best pieces (Ah, Ahhhhhh, Ah, Ahhhhhh.) Would’ve never come so

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