Christina Milian – Trapped Lyrics

I swear we had it baby It’s so dramatic lately I keep on tryin, got me cryin Seems you want it this way With every word that you said I let you play with my head Your

Hozier – Almost (Sweet Music) Lyrics

“A Love Supreme” seems far removed “I Get Along Without You Very Well,” some other nights The radio news reader chimes Reporting “Russian Lullabies” She’ll turn to me awake and ask, Is everything “Alright” [Chorus] I wouldn’t

Soulja Boy – B With The Wings Lyrics

Red and green B, like Christmas tree Walk in this bitch with a stick on me [Verse 1: Soulja Boy] Young Drako, nigga I trap out the mansion Walk in this bitch and my diamond was dancing

​iLoveMakonnen – I REMEMBER Lyrics

I just, think about all my past times Get on these fuckin’ tracks and make these words rhyme I don’t even sell no dimes, cause I do not have no time But I used to reminisce when

Drake – Forever (Remix) Lyrics

Put on my OJ gloves, I’m gonna kill this shit Make a plumber throgh his plundger, I can’t deal with this shit You say I’m throghed off, I stay on pitch The flow ain’t formal, I don’t

Joywave – Hang With Me Lyrics

Then I guess you can hang with me [Pre-Chorus] And if you do me right I’m gonna do right by you And if you keep it tight I’m gonna confide in you I know what’s on your

Cuban Doll – Cap Lyrics

[Intro] Boss Bitch Boss Bitch B-Boss Bitch Boss Bitch And you a broke ass Bitch And you a broke ass Bitch And you a broke ass Bitch [Verse] Boss Bitch, to broke niggas I’m acting funny Get

KSI – King Kong Lyrics

[Intro: KSI] Walking in the club Women’s all I see As I give my ring A rub [Chorus: KSI] Got these couples looking nice and sweet Got this granny walking down the street Got my mama looking

Curren$y – Plan Of Attack Lyrics

[Verse 1] I came for the dough, you came for the hoes We ain’t on the same thing You got side bitches attracted to bus times You got [?] noticing plane [?] She paid me for all

Eamon – Born and Bred Lyrics

Born and bred in the dungeon, ain’t it something I’ve been fed in abundance pain and suffering Just when you thought that you were getting on out On my knees begging, hoping you light this fire The

Watsky – Limo 4 Emos Lyrics

Limo 4 emos ×3 I’ll pick you up ×3 Limo 4 emos×2 (Let’s go!) You’ve got knives in your broken heart I’m outside in my go-cart So cuff your last pair And put up your black hair

Ann Marie – Hennessy Lyrics

2 in the mornin’ I’m still recording Thinking ’bout you got me losin’ my focus Wish you were here so we could get on it Sippin’ this hennessy got me so horny Got me drunk texting you

Sigrid – Budapest Lyrics

[Hook] My house in Budapest, my My hidden treasure chest Golden grand piano My beautiful Castillo [Refrain] You, ooh, you, ooh I’d leave it all [Verse 1] My acres of a land That I’ve achieved It may

CupcakKe – Squidward Nose Lyrics

[Chorus] His dick smaller than my toes Yeah, yes, smaller than my toes His dick smaller than my toes I’d rather ride Squidward nose [Verse 1] My eyelash flew off When I saw that dick was too

Watsky – Whitecaps Lyrics

[Chorus] She’s capsizing and the sea keeps rising and my kneecaps start to shake If I can’t save us, will the sea come take us when the whitecaps start to break? (Women and children) She’s capsizing and

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