Lady Antebellum – Love’s Looking Good On You Lyrics

LADY ANTEBELLUMLove’s Looking Good On You Lyrics Oooh, baby, baby Something’s just a little bit different in your eyes tonight They look twice as bright Oooh, baby, baby Something’s changed that I can’t quite put my finger

TLC – My Secret Enemy Lyrics

this historic event of removing deon sander’s tooth with a double combination hit to the mouth during sunday nights football game brought tears of joy to many american’s eyes… miss lisa “left eye” lopes was seen today

Kodak Black – The Recipe Lyrics

[Intro] Swimming in the money, now I’ve turned into a sailor Y’all don’t know the recipe, I’m so saucy I be saucin’ on these bitches, I’m so smooth Oh, I got so much rythm I’m so saucy

Phora – Facts Lyrics

Anything you doin’, man, we not involved Funny how we used to look up to y’all, we looked up to y’all But y’all fake as shit I’ve been in the studio for days and shit 24/7 on

Young Thug – For The Weekend Lyrics

[Chorus: Young Thug] Ayy It’s goin’ down every weekend, yeah Malibu, top gone, everything for the weekend Yeehaw, ayy Summertime, bathin’ suit, jump in the pool for the weekend Ayy, yeehaw I can make any bitch leave

Christina Aguilera – Vanity Lyrics

Who reign supreme? Never mind, I am (I am) Oh, she’s so hot and sexy Yeah I am (that’s right) No-no-no wonders she’s cocky, ow, huh Mirror mirror on the wall They call me stuck up, but

Kodak Black Mixtape “Project Baby 2” (Stream & Download)

In March, he released his debut album Painting Pictures which peaked at number three on the Billboard 200 chart. You can find some powerful singles like “Versatile,” “6th Sense,” and “Don’t Wanna Breathe.” The mixtape arrives following

Kodak Black – Need a Break Lyrics

[Intro] Nah baby dis ain’t no Dear John letter, but I hope you dont take it the wrong way man but I need me a little space a little time to think you know to see what

Kodak Black – Change My Ways Lyrics

When that’s where I got all my knowledge Remember we used to be robbin’ But now he don’t like how I’m striving No Bud, I ain’t drinkin’ no beer Every day I’m getting wiser I’m happy I

Kodak Black – Transportin’ Lyrics

[Chorus] Ain’t gotta wait to make the movies, I be loaded Why you out here drinkin’ 40’s, I just told it Still that same nigga in a foreign, but it’s stolen Ridin’ sporty, actin’ sporty, I can’t

Kodak Black – Built My Legacy Lyrics

[Intro: Offset] Yeah Yeah [Chorus: Offset] Built my legacy Drivin’ Bentleys, not no Lexuses She on ecstasy Fuck her two times then I left the bitch Not with that extra shit I won’t text the bitch, just

Kodak Black – Don’t Wanna Breathe Lyrics

I got London on them beat She like fucking on the beach Girl you fucking with a G How did you end up with me [Chorus] I don’t wanna live, if I can’t be with you Shwarty

Kodak Black – Versatile Lyrics

I say wassup Tell everybody I say what’s happening Tell [?] I said shoot some Tell them boys I said stop flaggin’ Tell my momma that I’m comin’ home Tell the world that it wouldn’t be long

Kodak Black – My Klik Lyrics

[Intro] Damn who make this beat, cuz I’m stealin’ it [Chorus: Kodak Black] Sniper Gang, John Wicks Homie, you can’t handle my klick Sniper Gang, John Wicks Homie, you can’t handle my klick You can spot one

Kodak Black – You Do That Shit Lyrics

[Intro] Nigga, you do that shit, ayy Rollin’ that piff, ayy Put that tool on that chick, ayy Ya ya ya [Chorus] State tryna give me eight, I told it, you do that shit Remember kickin’ doors,

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