Gianmaria Testa – Lasciami Andare Lyrics

I didn’t come to say goodbye Because I don’t know The proper tone for a goodbye Or even the words For the occasion Or where to put my hands Where to look Which wall of the room

Linoskiii – Casablanca Lyrics

[Verse 1] I don’t really want to say much, I’ll let the beats speak As my homie, Frank John turns this sample to a beat But, I’m a mellow, jello fellow, smooth flows Soothe those eardrums daily,

Noxious Emotion – X Lyrics

Breakout a strange ideal The breeding grounds are people in crowds Artifact discovered caused by human future Positions the mystery of life A major shift that goes nowhere Pandemic disease, investigate the samples Concluded analysis a probable

Deradoorian – Your Creator Lyrics

[Verse 1] Feel Your own The only one you’ll ever really Know [Chorus] In your inner gaze You will find the sage And build a circle of Creation [Verse 2] Don’t Allow It into a place you

Brasstracks – Everything I Got Lyrics

[Verse 1] Now tell me, ain’t this shit funny? Instead of keepin’ all the letters in front of me, I’d rather keep jumpin’ From fling to fling to thing to thing and then I keep runnin’, uh

Stereo Total – Alaska Lyrics

Je suis un robot Je suis une machine Je suis un frigo Appelle-moi Alaska En métal, en acier En ferraille, toute glacée Un monstre de B.D Engin téléguidé Moi qui croyais à tes contes de fées Quelle

Low Cut Connie – Somewhere Along The Avenue Lyrics

[Verse 1] I remember when the fire was hot When time was not so tight Somewhere along the avenue They musta gotten to you with their lies [Pre-Chorus] I don’t ever wanna let you down Sometimes everybody

Gio – Gio Lyrics

But tonight That I’m older, I feel down, And then you came Into my life To raise up my pain. When I was a little child, All the emotions, the surprise About knowing what will be For

Radical Dads – Symmetrical Cement Circles Lyrics

I will learn to bet On the fast ones I will learn to bet On the last ones I will learn to bet On the fast ones I will learn to bet On the last ones And

Linoskiii – Beat Tapes Lyrics

I let my demons play with devils of my lifestyle Just to feel excitement and thriller, maybe I might smile A night out with no rest, you can see here Happiness is rare, but all they ever

Noxious Emotion – LoveShocked Lyrics

Chest pains Alcohol poisoned Pretending nothing is wrong I’m young enough to rebound Is that how Jimmy felt? f*ck this shit It hurts trying to sleep Awake til 3 a.m The noises bumping in my room Louder

Woyza – Ahora Lyrics

[Letra de “Ahora”] [Verso 1] Ahora sé que el mundo Es un lugar para encontrarse Que la gente viene y va Y vuelve con uno a conectarse El rumbo es tan casual Pero tú también puedes mostrarte

Show Me The Body – Aspirin Lyrics

[Verse 2] Keep ya still pilled up, f*ck it’s another drill, another deal Another kill, degradation of the kidney wheel Eyes closed, shit is sealed, sterile, make me heal Read again, see the bet stacked against ya

Brothers Of Brazil – Melodies From Hell Lyrics

I’m just sitting by myself Tonight, oh well Pulling melodies from hell And off the shelf Coming up with something new Sounding cool to me and you Coming up with something new Sounding cool to me and

Gianmaria Testa – La Giostra Lyrics

I had a strange dream A morning dream A weird and truthful dream That I woke up and was still a little boy And was setting off, my bed a sailing-ship On one side there was the

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