GroupM expects marketers to spend $110.1B on digital ads in the US this year, accounting for more than half of the year’s total ad spend for the first time (Suzanne Vranica/Wall Street Journal)

advertising expenditures for first time  —  For the first time … Suzanne Vranica / Wall Street Journal: GroupM expects marketers to spend $110.1B on digital ads in the US this year, accounting for more than half of

Armani Caesar – Sissy Intro Lyrics

Now run your black ass back to the project and get your government check and take that monkey ass Shaka Zulu-looking bitch with ya, hip hop hoes.” This is what the right picture of the right man

Octave – Mirizim Biroon Lyrics (feat. Amir Dark)

[کورس – اکتاو] میریزیم بیرون میریزیم بیرون،میریزیم بیرون خوشحالیم میریزیم بیرون ناراحت میریزیم بیرون بیگ بَنگ میریزیم بیرون حتی وقتی میبازیم میریزیم بیرون [ورس یک – اکتاو] او لِیدی پُرفاورِه ریختن همه دور تا دورِت فوتِبالِنو سینِما

Hotel Paradisio – Chronos Lyrics

[Paroles de “Chronos”] [Couplet 1] Et j’aimerais partir loin là-bas, partir au loin qu’on s’affranchisse de tous nos torts Rejoins la   rive,   ennemi à vie   de Thanatos J’suis dans le rêve d’un   parano

Tayc – Ride Lyrics (feat. Leto)

[Paroles de "Ride" ft. Est-ce que tu m'suis ou pas? Leto] [Refrain : Tayc & Leto] J'suis tout seul quand je ride Tout seul quand je ride Dans ta vie, je n'veux pas être là On n'avancera

Rob Markman – Me, Myself & I Lyrics (feat. DviousMindz)

Do muthaf*ckas get it? Lookin’ back on certain friendships, I dunno why I brung it up Everybody know that I’m talkin’ ’bout such and such It was all love, back then we was comin’ up Now who

Tysm – Bluff Lyrics (feat. Felix Snow)

Felix, you killed this I say I don't wanna talk You say you got me blocked We wait   for   a week to   make up Now she's laughing at all   of your jokes Post

Charly Garcia – Filosofia Barata Y Zapatos De Goma Lyrics

[Letra de "Filosofía Barata y Zapatos de Goma"] [Verso 1: Charly García] Conozco un empleado que fue muerto de pena Enamorado de las sirenas El cine de mi barrio ya me mostró la escena No ví tu

Sinsemilia – Jeu D’enfant Lyrics

[Couplet 1: Riké] Papa et maman parlent de divorce souvent Histoires de compte commun, histoires de comptes courants L’argent n’fait pas l’bonheur et pourtant J’ai parfois l’impression que l’amour en dépend Ça doit être pour ça que

Editors – Life Is A Fear Lyrics

[Chorus: Tom Smith] Life is a fear of falling Life is a fear of falling through All the cracks [Verse 1: Tom Smith] Wait around here long enough, you’ll see Another junction, line up and lay down

Amusement Parks On Fire – Solera La Reina Lyrics

[Verse 1] Without effort, love is in style Any moment, moments all the while So long and so for,   so   forth is the   catch Memory’s more than I could ever   match [Chorus] All

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – He’s Dumb Lyrics

He’s sitting down forever A sailor without anchor Attends the family functions Talks to himself, restraining eruption “I hate you mom, I hate you dad I hate myself, it makes me glad” He’s dumb, yeah he’s dumb

Langa Mavuso – All Of Me Lyrics

[Verse 1] I wanna see you with lights on And go home before the last song Breathe in and out slowly For one night only No distractions, let me hold you I wanna see you with the

Pacificadores – Amor Cigano Lyrics

Letra de "Amor Cigano", por Pacificadores [Verso 1: Neguim] Que as decepções nunca te derrube, te fortaleça e te faça melhor Esse mundo é carrasco então lute Não deixe ninguém te pisar E agora que eu to

Omb Peezy – Struggle Lyrics (feat. Boosie Badazz)

Peezy [Chorus: OMB Peezy & Boosie Badazz] Don't feel my struggle So you don't feel my hustle You don't know what I done been through All the niggas I done tend to All the shit that I

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