Glorious Sons – Panic Attack Lyrics

I wanna be normal I wanna be sane I wanna look at you and feel something other than pain I need shelter Safe haven I want a quiet place to go and wait out the rain I

8 Graves – Low Lyrics

[Verse 1] I walk a faded line I had a cross to bare Now would you please be kind Cause it's a war out there And I would meet you by the riverside If any ounce of

Jack The Smoker – Non Mi Va Lyrics

[Testo di “Non mi va”] [Strofa 1] Faccio come la tipa: “Il tipo non mi va” Come un vecchio vestito, non mi va Oggi sono preso male, giuro, non mi va Se tu mi chiami per parlare

Bad Manners – Weeping An’ Wailing Lyrics

Even I am screaming in my dreams But no one seems to hear (chorus) I’m-a weeping I’m-a wailing My life is so frustrating I’m-a weeping I’m-a wailing My life is so frustrating So many people everyday, I

Daddy Yankee – Interlude Lyrics

[Letra de "Interlude"] [Interludio] Esta sección de El Cangri no es apta para menores ¿No trabaja'? Bicho, bola', lengua Socia, tú 'tás bien loca Ahora partan ese micrófono [?], sin miedo No saben gritar como yo grito

Ailee – What About It Lyrics

널 만지는 바람 숨 쉬는 공기 너의 옆자리 스치는 사람까지 그렇게 나 그렇게 그게 미울 수가 왜 이렇게 이렇게 널 비추는 햇살의 따사로움이 내 어깨를 감싸주던 그날보다 그렇게 그렇게 지금 포근하니 어떻게 너 어떻게 그게 뭐라고 그게

Stoney Larue – Has Been Lyrics

Well you got pretty shoes Those on the run, they come in two’s Running like they’ve got nothing to lose And time doesn’t ever go slow It doesn’t ever tell you which way it’s gonna roll Cause

Kenan Dogulu – Kursun Adres Sormaz Ki Lyrics

Yine de sen tek bildiğim Yollarına aşk tohumları serdiğim Bu can buna hayran Sevişine kurban Alıştırmasaydın insafsız Bu can sana hayran Gülüşüne kurban Şimdi vazgeçemem ben inan Kurşun adres sormazki Yaktın beni en derinden Depremlerde yine yüreğim

Therealevk – Too Gone Lyrics

Hook Ima pull up in a foreign with the roof gone Candy paint two tone Blowing gas too strong Smoking loud too gone I don’t care what you on Ima do my own shit I’m up on

Fleetwood Mac – Woman Of 1000 Years Lyrics

Woman of a thousand years How are your sons of a time ago Do they still admire your silvered ways As you go down To the sea and golden sand You may be seen up in the

Stoney Larue – Aviator Lyrics

Like a cross wind blowing on a FM road Offer me direction cause I just don’t know Gotta follow that dust to see where it goes I just gotta get off this old FM road It’s easier

Sonic Syndicate – Start A War Lyrics

[Verse 1] A million times I've tried to find the string of words That can finally set us free But they're a grenade stuck between my teeth Pull the pin, it could be the end of me

Romain Virgo – I Am Rich In Love Lyrics

Rich in love, rich in love, aye Rich in love, rich in love, yeah I am rich in love, financially I’m a pauper It’s just you that I’m after Got a lot of love to give you,

Ailee – What If I Lyrics

시계 침은 자꾸 번갈아 와도 난 혼자인 채로 멈춰 있어 혹시 지금도 꿈이 아닐까 생각하지만 그건 다 내 착각 It’s true 시간은 흘러내려 가고 마음은 말없이 따라 긴 밤에 너를 보내려 애쓰다 못했어 Oh What if I

Daddy Yankee – Interlude 2 Lyrics

Oh baby Oh, oh, oh, oh boy —If you ain’t ready to rock And pop-pop-pop-pop, non-stop (Stop!) We are ready to rock— I set up shop back in ’92 Took a couple of kids out the streets

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